Fit for Success

There’s a clear link between how we feel about ourselves physically and how we feel about ourselves emotionally. AND how that translates into physical and emotional energy. A fit and healthy body supports a fit and healthy mind.

Lately I’ve been limping along at home, trying to stay motivated and on task with my boring and lonely little workout videos. (Am I the only person in America who finds that excruciating?) Earlier this year, I thought I’d hit pay-dirt with an awesome new fitness center in town – amazing instructors; fantastic classes; beautiful facility. But then quickly I found the classes a little too crowded for my liking, and then the schedule changed and didn’t fit my own anymore. Sigh. Back to my sad little home workouts.

Anytime Fitness running manAnd then I remembered Anytime Fitness. A few years ago I was a member for awhile until life got in the way (another story for another time). It was a great experience, and now they’ve opened a brand new location basically on my way home from work. Not only do they have a clean, immaculate facility, but their equipment is state-of-the-art and available 24/7. This new place even has yoga classes included in my membership, plus a cool (free! check it out!) website at

Anyway, so I called for an appointment yesterday and then met with the manager, Heather, right after work. She gave me a quick tour and got me signed up. The monthly fee is not only reasonable, but I get a rebate from my health insurance if I go at least 12 times a month. Can’t beat that, huh?

I know this sounds like an Anytime Fitness commercial. It’s not, I promise. But I’ve been impressed with them in the past, and I still am. Physical fitness is key to a healthy, whole and integrated mind/body/spirit, and I like how Anytime Fitness makes it so available in such a simple, approachable way.

I believe good health – to the extent of our own influence – is essential to reaching the potential that lives within us. Anytime Fitness seeks to “improve the self-esteem of the world,” and I love that. Here’s a quote from their website that explains why:

You may think, “Why would a fitness company care about self-esteem?” The answer is easy—we can’t imagine anything that’s more important—especially when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals or owning a business that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Self-esteem is central to everything a person does, and it can be the difference between success and failure, being positive or negative, and feeling happy or sad.

Ultimately, self-esteem affects how a person feels about themself and their worth. And helping people feel better about themselves is at the heart of our business.


Pretty awesome, huh? Have a wonderful day, and do something good for yourself.



Wrangling Time

fly lady

Fly Lady

If you’re like me, time management is something you want, need, attempt and yet never quite master. It’s the key to not only being efficient and productive, but sometimes to just staying sane. These days we’re pulled in more directions than ever. Juggling job, family, finances, cooking, cleaning, laundry, pets, yard, community, social obligations – oh! and maybe some fun? – can be overwhelming.

On top of those things, a lot of us are working at “something more,” maybe writing that book, going back to school or trying to start a new business. How on earth do we manage it all?

Enter Marla Cilley, AKA the “Fly Lady.”

I first heard of the FlyLady about ten years ago. I was trying to juggle too many projects and failing miserably. Plus, we were in the middle of selling our home and building a new one. A co-worker suggested I check out Marla’s website, and immediately I was hooked. I read through a bunch of it (get ready to spend some time; there’s tons of info there), subscribed to her emails, followed her (free!) plan, and lo & behold if my house didn’t practically clean & organize itself and my projects fall magically into place. Talk about impressed and grateful, folks. Honestly, I’ve told so many people about Marla, I should be on her Christmas list.

Now, before you hop over there, let me say something. The FlyLady website is kitschy and fun, built on the idea of a “Side-tracked Home Executive” (SHE) needing to get her act together. Its whole function is to help those of us living in CHAOS (“Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”). It’s a daily, step-by-step action plan that starts with baby steps – and one in particular (shining your kitchen sink, of all things). The simple, daily habits and routines quickly get our homes – and anything else we want to add to the mix – functioning virtually on their own like a well oiled machine.

I mention this, because some of you guys and gals might be so put together, you don’t flounder around trying to manage everything like the rest of us mortals. But even for you… I say take a look at the FlyLady website anyway. And here’s why. The principles she teaches can be applied to anything. Seriously. It’s all about building small, daily habits that lead to huge, lasting results. It’s The Compound Effect, friends. It’s ADHD friendly, kid friendly, writer friendly, everybody friendly. It teaches a person to chunk ones goals down into tiny little morsels, and then eat them in bites so tiny they barely register. But those tiny bites add up. It’s painless. It’s brilliant. It’s huge.

Since I first learned the FlyLady methods, I’ve waxed and waned with following her plan. Face it, situations change and life gets busy. Routines get interrupted and plans fall away.

But now as I prepare for new busyness and change (going back to school, blogging regularly, writing another ebook), I can no longer afford to flutter idly, hit & miss, through my to-do list. I need to get back to Marla’s plan and fly through it.

Do yourself a favor and check her out. Then drop me a line and tell me what you think.